Let’s Tessellate…

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Just a little over 2 years ago, a small group of happy-go-lucky college students had a big idea.

You guessed it, they decided to create a theatre company, and so No Kissin’ Ensemble came to life!

That’s not the full story though…

Back in 2014, our now Artistic Directors, Aidan, Daithi and Hanan had just completed their final year project in Drama and Theatre Studies and found themselves looking for their next project. This project became our first production “Dr. Ecstaticus and the Quest for Happiness”. Filled with enthusiasm and perhaps a dash of naivety, the lads thought “Sure, couldn’t we just put on a show ourselves?”. Conveniently they found themselves surrounded by friends who had an aptitude for the dramatics and very little else to do with their summers. Somehow we muddled through with actors and crew members double, triple and quadruple jobbing throughout the production. Sheer determination and some may say obsession made that show happen and a theatre company was born from it.

Muddling through became the key method in our madness, creating a precedent that our work would be devised and developed throughout the rehearsal process. We wanted our work to be original, different and innovative which wasn’t difficult as our members were brimming with new ideas everyday. We became professionals at adapting and developing, not just scripts but to the unfamiliar situations we were faced with. Like how do you fund a show? How do you promote a show? How do you find your audience?

Despite the obstacles facing us, the experiment was a success! “Dr. Ecstaticus..” made it to the stage in the Granary Theatre, summer 2014. We’d found an audience, and they were actually there, watching our work and enjoying it.

Realising No Kissin’ Ensemble didn’t just have to be a one off project we found ourselves yearning to go through it all again. The endless hours of brainstorming, sleepless nights and general mayhem of putting on a show. We’d found our groove and so it was time for No Kissin’s second brain baby, “The Storehouse”.

Theatre became our play ground, which was more than evident in this production. Creating a maze throughout the theatre space and experimenting even more with sound, physicality and light, we began to establish ourselves within the Cork Theatre community. “The Storehouse” was a truly awakening experience, making us focus on our goals as a theatre company. We didn’t want to be amateurs muddling through anymore, we had ambition and it was clear to all of us that No Kissin’ was here to stay.

Naturally the next step was to make more theatre, as that was the business we had found ourselves in. This time we were focused, nothing would be rushed. “SLSD”, set to hit Cork this September, went through an extensive development process from October 2015 to the present.  We presented 2 showcases at the TDC, Cork, during this time.

Yet we’ve been doing so much more behind the scenes..

2016 has been filled with funding applications, defining ourselves as a company and planning the years ahead. And finally we’ve something to show for it.

We’re delighted to announce that the next step in our journey is as participants of the Tessellate programme, run by The Cork Midsummer Festival, Corcadorca Theatre Company and The Everyman Theatre. With their mentorship and support, we as a theatre company will continue to deliver the unique and original work you’ve come to expect. At the end of this programme we will be presenting a show at the Cork Midsummer Festival, an opportunity we could only dream of a few short days ago. We’d like to thank the Tessellate programme for accepting us and we look forward to what the year ahead will bring.

We know you’ve one burning question left…

Why are we called No Kissin’ Ensemble??

Sorry to disappoint.. but we don’t kiss and tell x

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