Raving Mad?

“I just wanna dance.”

Not only is this the basis of most popular pop/funk songs, but a quote heard more often than none by the heard of girls in heels on their way to Havanas.

We want to dance. We want you to dance. To be free. 

SLSD is about dancing, raving, house music and everything in between.

Originally, we wanted our show to be about clubbing. The perfect night out. All of the good things without the overwhelming fear the next morning. 

We began to question, why do we put ourselves into states we’re unable to recover from for days? Why do we bond the most with strangers and acquaintances alike the second the sun goes down and we put on our Freakum Dress? 

You never want the party to end. The agony, the ecstasy, the shift – it’s all over as soon as those lights come up. 

We wanted to create a world where the party never ended.

These places do exist in real life, it just takes a little research and knowing the right guy to find them. We began to investigate raves and rave culture. From looking at pop-up raves in modern day society in Ireland and abroad, to the legendary Berghain in Berlin. 

Then we began to research the club scene in New York in the late 80’s to early 90’s where raving and house music was becoming the new scene. Originally a haven for freaks and geeks, the house scene was growing. Downstairs beneath shoe shops and grocery stores, people would congregate to share their beat, dress up as anything from broccoli to the kitchen sink. It was a place to bend genders, bend rules and bend over. 

People from hip-hop clubs, where the scene was becoming too rough, began to congregate here and contribute their krumping, popping, locking, to the safe 4/4 beat of house. They flocked from salsa clubs and introduced saucy Spanish steps. Every walk of life culminated to be part of a packed House Club experience.

(If you want to know the real origins and experiences of House Music, please see the war in YouTube comments of David Zowie’s House Every Weekend – it does not disappoint.)

As commercialisation rose and economies boomed, the arts, the freaks and the house clubs began to dwindle in favour of VIP areas, bottle service, and Grey Goose. Night clubs became about money, greed and indulgence. 

This constant push and pull between culture, originality, freedom and the longing for “a good night” is where our idea for SLSD was born….

Stay tuned for more x

by Megan Roberts 

No Kissin’ Correspondent/Co-Writer/Co-Director of SLSD


Megan Roberts


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